Redefining Maritime Transport Safety & Security

Maritime transport, a linchpin for sustainable economic growth, is responsible for over 85% of global trade volume. Despite being the most international of industries, it's also fraught with danger. At Global Defense Sea Section, we firmly believe that enhancing safety at sea necessitates the development and adherence to international regulations by all maritime nations.

We assist both governments and corporations in implementing these international standards, minimizing a myriad of risks such as accidental damage, poor maintenance, collision, cyber-threats, pollution, corruption, financial loss, and even human casualties.

Services and Expertise

We offer a comprehensive suite of inspections, audits, and training, available both domestically in France and globally. Our expert team, armed with decades of experience, is strategically stationed at key ports to deliver top-tier services.

From the import/export markets of diverse goods—ranging from agricultural products, fertilizers, scrap metals, steel, petroleum products, dangerous goods to technical ship inspections—our expert-inspectors provide unparalleled expertise. As specialists in port safety and security, we offer auditing and support services, ensuring efficient operations.

With our flexible approach, we guarantee a swift response to your needs, eliminating bureaucratic delays. Our commitment to quick, effective action safeguards your business interests. At Global Defense Sea Section, we pride ourselves on delivering impartial, independent, and ethical work, in line with our values and Code of Ethics.

Our Solutions

  • Business intelligence
  • Decision-making support
  • Creation of a State security & safety label
  • Continuous monitoring and support services
  • Local economic development contributions
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