Russian Skanf Knife Throwing EXCLUSIVE eBook by the Master Yuri Fedin

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Discover the Russian Skanf Knife Throwing EXCLUSIVE eBook by the Master Yuri Fedin, translated to english.

166 pages, written by Yuri Fedin, edited by his daughter Olga Fedin.
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For the first time – Yuri (Yury) Fedin secrets are revealed IN ENGLISH : the key information about his inertia-wave knife throwing technique SKANF (FOCCS - Fedin's Original Complex-Coordination system) in a ebook translated to english for YOU.

Yuri Viktorovich Fedin is the creator of the no-return throwing style in Russia and the founder of the SKANF inertial wave throwing technique.

In his book, the author reveals the basic principles of wave throwing of knives and defines the basic concepts and skills necessary to master the SCANF technique.

The book is illustrated with detailed descriptions and photo series of all basic exercises. It will be useful for both beginners and experienced throwers who want to get acquainted with the principles of the SKANF style.

The Master Yuri Fedin wrote this book in 2010 and kept it a few manuscripts secrets for years, before he passed away in 2015. We at SKANF decided to release his legacy to the world.

Discover the first release in english of his Skanf Secret Book !

During his life of practicing and creating this tremendous knife throwing system, he wrote this complete book in russian, explaining all his technics, basics, tips that you will guide you step by step through this Combat System. This is a technical and very valuable ebook.

His daughter, Olga Fedin, which is the leader SKANF Master nowadays, edited this ebook in english in order to share her passion and the legacy of her father to the world.

The art of SKANF throwing, as a cognitive process of a deep creative nature, extraordinarily expands the familiar boundaries of awareness of their capabilities and at the same time gives a great promise for further development. Unlike the classical throwing technique, which everyone can learn, it is very difficult to penetrate the essence of the SKANF throwing art without understanding the basic patterns. In this first ebook, you’ll discover the secrets of inertial wave SCANF throwing. You will discover the wave combat system of skanf.

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Matthew B.
Save money

Ordered this as an ebook. It states that you’ll receive an email that contains the book in a downloadable pdf. After paying I received the email that contained a link to download however when you click to download your redirected back to the website. Idk what happened but I’m very disappointed

An Excellent and Unique Approach to an Ancient Skill

I recently purchased Master Fedin’s treatise on his unique no-spin knife throwing system. It is a concise and detailed discussion of the underlying concepts of the ‘wave’ biomechanics. I am grateful that Mr. Fedin chose to share his knowledge with the rest of the world. Having watched the YouTube videos of Master Fedin and his talented daughter Olga Fedina, I am determined to build myself a solid target, construct my own throwing knives and apply myself to the study of this worthwhile text. Well worth the money spent! Thank you.