Undercover Disguise Course - Learn how to get the Perfect Spy Covert

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Your legend is almost ready and very strong. The only thing you lack before a clandestine operation is your disguise. 

Learn how to get the Perfect Spy Covert make up, hair, costume. Learn all the tricks and use the last silicone techs to totally transform your body and identity, your voice and attitude, into someone you were not even aware could exist !

Your mission with this course is to learn how to protect yourself or any case officers in dangerous situations, as well as foreign sources who routinely put their lives at risk by meeting with operatives.

The road to master of disguise is a difficult and exciting one, fraught with equal parts danger and intrigue, but fortunately you don't have to go it alone.

Recent years have seen unprecedented technology advancements. However, investigation and intelligence agencies still need field personnel; they need feet on the ground.

Our course will present undercover disguise methods that came into focus in the clandestine services of World War II, evolved during the Cold War, and today features modern innovations. You will discover in these courses the latest disguise technologies, traditional and innovative methods not taught by police academies or included in college law enforcement and criminal justice curriculums. 


For who ?

Both Men and Women

Investigators on the field

What you get ? 

Theory and Practical Course

Understanding the Fundamentals of Undercover Disguise: Avoid Recognition

Do the Switch: change of attitude

Make up and Eyes Course : change your traits and identity

Hair Dress Course : how a simple detail can change who you are

Getting older, how is it possible ?

Uses of last technologies in the market to Disguise: Prosthetics, Silicone, Masks..

Disguising your voice for phone ops 

Special Make up Exercise

Special Hairdress Exercise

Surprise Exercise


How long ?

The course can be dispensed in 3 days, 8 hours each day.

Where ?

The course can be dispensed where the customer will chose to have the class.

The price does not include the rental of a class room if necessary. The price does not include travel fees (hotel, flights, and daily expenses such as taxi and meals).


With Whom ?

Our expert and Covert Field officer. 25 years of experience on the ground.

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