5 keypoints to understand the ATT (Arms Trade Treaty)

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5 keypoints to understand the ATT (Arms Trade Treaty)

Global group concerns itself with the overall wellness of its clients, which is why we have the Global Defense.

Of the many things that we do, we also indulge in Arms Trade Treaty. Now, you may be wondering what this is about or how it works. Understandably, it may not be a familiar term to many people.

First, what is a treaty? Treaties are agreements between international bodies.

So, a treaty that is on the trade of arms is an agreement between international bodies. So, it could be countries or international organizations that operate between multiple countries on the regulation of manufacturing, sale, importation, exportation, smuggling, and the remedies for any problems that may arise.

It would interest you to know that Global Defense has a team of jurists and a legal team specialized in this UN treaty, thus most able to audit and accompany our clients.

If you are still a bit lost, here are 5 points to help you understand the entirety of the Arms Trade Treaty.

  • Maintaining peace and security within Nations

When countries engage in a treaty over the sales and manufacturing of arms, they are putting some regulations in place. It is common knowledge that rules and regulations lead to a less chaotic environment.

Thus, the violence level between these countries will reduce. Their citizens will have peace of mind when it has anything to do with the arms trade.

We are not saying that there will be total eradication of crimes. However, it would be a saner clime. Thus, society becomes an ideal place to live and even grow your family.

  • Eradicating human suffering

If there is a large number of arms in circulation, there would be human suffering. For example, there has been a high rate of gun violence in Chicago for the past three years. This is because they have a lot of arms on sales. Anyone can have access to a gun for a minimal amount.

With such a high gun-dealing rate, it leads to gun violence and results in human suffering. However, when there is a regulation on gun dealing, which is the idea of ATT, there would be eradicating human suffering.

  • Strengthening the ties between nations

A treaty usually strengthens the relationship between nations, and ATT is not an exception. It is ideal that when countries sign a treaty, they have an idea of what they want to happen.

Now, with the treaty in place, they get to work hand-in-hand. Also, they come through for each other in times of need.

  • Prevent the illicit trade of conventional weapons

Imaging harboring fear of being attacked while walking on the road. This happens when there is an illicit trade of guns and other conventional weapons. However, with the Arms Trade Treaty, such is regulated.

When lesser people have access to such weapons, the violence rate will reduce. It is why many countries do not hesitate to sign an Arms Trade Treaty.

  • Maintaining standards and regulations

With an Arms Trade Treaty, there is a transparent and accountable system for punishing offenders (persons involved with irresponsible arms transfers). Now, people can live more peacefully.


Has your country signed an Arms Trade Treaty with other nations? Do you need a guide on this? We are always here if you have questions!